Friday, October 10, 2008

Discover Ways to Transform Your Life!

**Vision/Life Planning

Things People Want Most From a Personal Life Coach

Get more out of life
Have more fun
Become closer with family and friends
Improve the quality of life
Feel better physically & emotionally
Be hassle-free
Discover personal mission, purpose, vision
Live with more joy & passion
Have a More fulfilling work/carer
Connect with spiritual path

How Can a Personal Life Coach Help Me?

A Personal Life Coach empowers you to do the best you can do, to be the best you can be.

Are you feeling "stuck" or struggling with part of your life that feels "out of synch" with the rest? Are you feeling that you want more out of your life?  Are you feeling lost, at a crossroads?

A Personal Life Coach helps you to make important decisions, fix parts of your life that are not working for you and helps you to take your life to the "next level", "buff it up". go from just good to great!

Do All Personal Life Coaches Work the Same Way?

All Coaches want success for their clients. Each Coach, however, brings a personal style, unique gifts and special interests to the Coach-Client partnership.  I coach my clients to success with 
"The Spirit's Heart Program" which embodies the powerful aspects that make coaching so successful-a proven guided Process  and a non-judgemental, supportive Framework.

We work together, building on your strengths and inner wisdom to create a life honoring your highest and truest Self.

Can You Tell Me More About "The Coaching Process"

You are guided and supported along a proven change-making  journey, one step at a time.  The process is created around "The 10 Steps to Success".

"The 10 Steps to Success" 

1.    discover your values and desires
2.   set goals and develop a practical "Action Map" to achieve your 
3.   learn new skills and use new resources to make better 
      choices and take better action
4.   build and sustain momentum throughout the transitions
5.   create more energy
6.   resolve obstacles that have been getting in your way
7.   let go of what no longer serves you
8.   improve your self-esteem and self-confidence
9.   achieve new levels of performance
10. evaluate your success and redesign your "Action Map" for the 
       next step


Why Is "The Coaching Framework" So Important?

"The Coaching Framework" maintains an on-going supportive environment for you to maximize your progress as you are following the "10 Steps to Success"

Many People make New Year's resolutions but, as the weeks go by, lose their momentum, ending up discouraged.  They don't have someone in their corner--cheering them on. As your Coach and partner, I am there for you.  I give you unconditional support, guidance and accountability-the cornerstones for transforming your life.

What Do You Mean by "Coaching Focus Areas"?



How Are the Coaching Sessions Set Up?

Coaching sessions are every month, via telephone; we can meet in person if you prefer.  We meet for 50-minute sessions, which can be scheduled for 1, 2, or 3 times a month, whichever best suits your personal needs.  My coaching is, typically, one-on-one, but I, also, offer group coaching and workshops.

Each session is $35 and payment is due in advance, at the first of the month.  Scholarships are available.

This is the time to invest in yourself, for you to create a life that matches your inner truth.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Life Planning is truly a guided life discovery  that helps bring your life into balance. As the process unfolds, you identify those parts of your life that are not working for you right now. Once you have a clear idea of where you want to focus your energy, you  single out those parts of your life that are priorities right now and create workable goals to keep you on tract. An important part of your journey will the your Life Map, which you create as a visual representation of the paths you take to create the changes that are most important to you.
The Life Map encompasses many parts of your life that work together to create balance and harmony for you: resolving issues from your past, increasing love and energy, experiencing mores fun & pleasure, identifying your values, creating personal goals around those values, creating personal reserves, "buffing up" your life, finding more fulfillment in your work/career, building a strong foundation.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008



(also known as the Hunter's Moon, the Sorting Moon, the Culling Moon, and the Sanguine Moon)

This moon begins anytime between 9/27-10/27 and ends anytime between 10/27-11/26. It is the first full moon after the full moon nearest to the Autumnal Equinox.
All full moons rise around the time of sunset. The Harvest and Hunter's moons are special because this time is shorter than usual,  providing extended light for hunters and farmers to work in the fields.

This is the time of year when we are noticing that the abundance and warmth of the summer is ending. We start to feel the cold and notice an uneasiness or restlessness in ourselves as the season shifts and the days are shorter.

For people living close to the land this is a time of the Third Harvest; a time to slaughter and salt down animals grown plump from the abundance of summer grazing.  This harvest time gives the moon it's name, not from blood sacrifices but from the old custom of culling the herds keeping only choices stock, ensuring that  there will be  enough feed and shelter to survive  the cold season. 

People are also culling  their stores of food, setting aside damaged and withered fruit to eat immediately; preserving the remaining supplies  is almost complete.  Animal predators are also culling out the weak and unwary. Plants die back.

This is also a comfortable time of year, final provisions for households are stowed away and the deepest winter is yet to come.  Those who farm the land have more opportunities to sit and reflect on the past year's harvest, evaluating what went well and what they will do differently next year.

There are other lessons for those of us who are not farmers.  The Wisdom of the Blood Moon comes from the process of reflection on our own past year, the choices we have made that brought us to the place where we are at this time. What would we change? What good choices did we make?  We are challenged to recognize that we do have free will and that the path we have taken reflects the choices, good or bad, we have made.

If we fail to notice that we have a choice, we can feel trapped, helpless.  The challenge at this time of year is to accept our accountability for shaping our lives.  We are challenged to learn from our choices and consequences, refining the process and embracing the wisdom that comes from that journey.  How are we using our free will? What kind of life are we creating?






I am now offering coaching in a new focus area designed specifically to help those people who are providing care for a loved one. Although. this focus is on caregivers for aging adults my basic support principles will also be successful for those providing care for anyone who is chronically ill or disabled. This includes support for grandparents raising their own grandchildren.
Family caregivers often feel alone and overwhelmed with the daunting challenges of caregiving for their loved ones.  They struggle in making difficult decisions and  balancing caregiving with work and family. They often put themselves last, and end up depressed and "burned out".  

I  work one-on-one with caregivers in a consistent, positive and supportive partnership; I provide tools and resources to help caregivers stay focused and balanced.  This Focus Area provides support in all areas of caregiving including "About You as a Caregiver",  
"About You and Your Parent", "Knowing When to Intervene", and "Best Care Options". The coaching support can be personalized for your particular challenges. 

Please contact me for a free risk-free coaching session and a free copy of "50 Tips for Caregivers".




You are invited to join a new Wisdom Circle for Women that is forming in Newport, RI.  This Circle keeps alive the tradition handed down from our ancestors giving women a way to create a compassionate, supportive community to explore the things that have special meaning in their lives.

After all, we are all teachers and all students, and Wisdom Circles give us a safe place to support and learn from each other on our individual journeys of self-discovery.

The wisdom Circles meet once a month and each meeting is formed around a guided activity and discussion such a "The Goddess Within", "Your Creative use", "Creating Balance in Your Life", "The Power of Prayer", "Your Authentic Self", "Spiritual Journeys", and other related topics.  The members of the Circle may help choose topics of interest.  Members can decide on their own level of participation.  Members can join at any time.

There are two ongoing Circles and you may choose the one that best fits your schedule.  Please let me know if you are interested in attending but cannot attend at either of these times.  If there is enough interest, I can add an additional Circle.

Circle #1  Meets every 3rd. Sunday of the month  1-3 pm
Circle #2  Meets every 2nd. Wednesday of the month 7-9pm

The meetings will be held at my home in Newport, RI but members  could also take turns hosting the Circles if interested.

Being part of The Wisdom Circle is FREE  but I ask for a donation of a non-perishable food item each meeting to be donated to the Food Bank on our behalf.

Pre-registration is required. Please contact me if you have any questions and to let me know if you would like to join one of these new Wisdom Circles.

Hoping to hear from you soon! 


The Full Moons of the Year





"One of the greatest gifts you can give your child is a love of reading."

Share the magic of books with children of all ages.  Ms. Lynne brings books alive in her Story Time circles with engaging puppets and fanciful props. Ms. Lynne will host a circle or help you to create an exciting, magical reading experience yourself for the children in your life. 

Story Time circles are a great way to create a love of reading at:
              Birthday Parties
              Play Groups
              Libraries, and 

Magic Carpet Story Time circles can be personalized to suit your special needs. You may schedule a one-time circle or a series of story times, offering children a full spectrum of opportunities to enhance development and learning with books.
Teacher training is also available as a one time workshop or a series of workshops
personalized for your classroom. 

Contact me for details and to reserve a Story Time circle for the children in your life.

Lynne VanDerhoof
Personal Life Coach and Educator


Saturday, July 5, 2008

About You as a Caregiver

  • Who is a caregiver?
  • Should you become a caregiver?
  • Do You want the job?
  • How caregiving changes your life
  • The physical and emotional cost of caregiving
  • Is your family willing
  • Preparing your own family
  • Long distance caregiving
  • Understanding your responsibilities
  • Should your parent move in with you
  • Finding a balance
  • You and work
  • Self-care
  • Handling burnout
  • The rewards